Touristic places that you should visit this year

There are some places in the world that you ought to visit at least once in your lifetime. These places are amongst the most beautiful and the most visited in the world. That’s why they are worth visiting. So, if this year you’re planning to leave your country for vacation, you should absolutely pick one of those destinations. Here is our top 4 of the places to visit absolutely. The Eiffel Tower, Paris We’ll start our ranking with one of the most beautiful and famous monument in the world; the Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower is located at the heart of Paris, the most romantic city in the world. It’s means that you should pick and visit that destination with your lover. You could, as the millions of visitors per annum of the tower, snap a selfie as souvenir. Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro If you want to perform a religious holiday, maybe you should fly to Brazil this Easter, and visit the replica of Christ at Rio. For those who didn’t know it, the status is one of the Seven Wonders in t... Read more

Why is ecotourism the future of tourism?

Tourism is a human activity that has a huge impact in the global economy of the world. While it represents about 10% of global GDP, it also has some damaging side effects on the environment. These damaging impacts lead to the rise of adverse voices criticizing tourism. They think that tourism should be rethought and should shift to ecotourism. Here are why this new tourism trend is the future of the industry. Ecotourism reverses the damages of tourism For touristic activities, it’s thousands of square kilometers of forest that are destroyed for the construction of facilities. This unfortunately means destruction of the natural habitat of many species of animals. The destruction is coupled with the production of tons of wastes, the depletion of scarce resources. Those situations are the results of the mass tourism that we observed in the last decades. To reverse that, ecotourism focuses on social responsible travel. For example, only a few people are allowed to visit some places. They s... Read more

Exotic destinations to visit for leisure

Living in a metropolis exposes us to a very high level of stress every single day of our life. To avoid cracking under pressure, it is sometimes necessary to leave all that behind and travel far from home. This year, for your vacation, you deserve to spend time in the most beautiful places that our planet could offer. Pack your bag and let’s visit some stunning places where you could evacuate your stress. French Polynesia Beautiful destinations are numerous in French Polynesia. This French overseas territory is full of tropical islands with unique beauty. In French Polynesia, you could visit Tahiti, Bora Bora, Maupiti or Taha’a. No matter where you set your foot, there are a lot of activities to do. It could vary from hiking to exploration of the underwater world, or simply stretching out on the beach, enjoying the tropical sun. If you want to experience paradise on earth, that should be your pick. The Islands of Fiji One could describe that destination as the jewel of the South Pacifi... Read more

Tourism in context of pandemic

Ignored for a long time by touristic stakeholders, it is not a secret now that tourism can have bad effects on people’s health conditions. It is known now that tourists bring and leave with many diseases during their journey. That’s why drastic measures have been taken on tourism to limit the effect of the recent pandemic. Here is how tourism reacts from this situation. A complete fall of tourism With the outbreak of the current pandemic and the understanding of its ways of spreading, tourism has been hit very hard. The measures prescribed by the WHO are to close all businesses in order to avoid all contacts since the virus spread through it. A general lock down has also been advised, leading to the closure of borders and the canceling of international and regional flights. Countries have also imposed entry bans, restrictions for citizens coming from the most affected areas. With people enabled to move, and with the awareness of the dangerousness of the virus, tourism has drastic... Read more

How can tourism affect the economy?

Throughout the world, we can see many countries relying on tourism for a big part of their annual revenue. Most middle and low income countries with beautiful landscapes and exotic ecosystems are also investing a lot in facilities in order to stimulate tourism. An outside observer could be perplexed on how the movement of persons could affect the economy of a whole nation. If you’re part of this group, this article may help you. Tourism is a good way to increase the GDP To evaluate the health of an economy, economists use the Gross Domestic Product. It means the total value of all goods and services produced in a country in a given year. And tourism has a fantastic effect on the GDP of the host country. When tourists arrive in an area, they spend money to experience things, for their leisure and sometimes for business motives. All the spending done favors the growth of the GDP because it occurs within the border of the host country. The occurring of activities related to tourism allows... Read more